Jeff, Who Lives at Home (review)

Those with a very low tolerance for indie quirk may find their patience tried, but I, who have been mixed on the Duplass Brothers and really hated their last film, kinda couldn’t help being charmed by this one.

trailer break: ‘Marmaduke’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… No, not Lee Pace! Judy Greer? William H. Macy? This is what Beverly Hills Chihuahua and its $94.5 million domestic gross hath wrought. I blame every single person who bought a ticket to that movie and later told their friends things like: those outfits on Chloe were … more…

Love Happens (review)

I’d never have expected that the movie would be saved, just a little, from being complete bullshit by the presence of Aaron Eckhart.