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London photo: pub tip jar hates Justin Bieber

Fri Oct 10 2014, 08:20pm | 3 comments

the real question is, what would Anne Frank make of this?

Wed Apr 24 2013, 09:14pm | 0 comments

Cinema du Sanity: pop culture for reasonable people

Tue Apr 16 2013, 02:41pm | 12 comments

question of the day: Which Christmas song makes you want to stab an elf when it pops up during the holidays?

Tue Dec 25 2012, 10:12am | 0 comments

Rock of Ages (review)

Mon Jun 11 2012, 04:50pm | 0 comments

the Justin Bieber basketball movie is gonna be awesome, they swear… (and other adventures in social networking)

Wed Mar 14 2012, 01:33am | 0 comments

please with the Justin Bieber make it stop, Arthur Christmas Edition, thank you

Mon Oct 17 2011, 05:49pm | 0 comments

question of the day: If you were going to invent a new Oscar category à la the MTV Movie Awards, what would it be, and who or what would be the definitive example of a winner?

Mon Jun 06 2011, 08:15am | 0 comments

Banksy won’t be allowed at the Oscars; how to watch the Oscars online; Justin Bieber cuts hair and Twitter quakes; more: leftover links

Sun Feb 27 2011, 05:45pm | 0 comments

question of the day: What bits of pop culture are you feeling “iffy” about lately?

Mon Feb 21 2011, 11:30am | 0 comments

retro trailer: ‘A Hard Day’s Night’

Sat Feb 05 2011, 08:28pm | 0 comments

trailer break: ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’

Thu Jan 20 2011, 10:24am | 0 comments

question of the day: What will the first great movie of 2011 be?

Fri Jan 07 2011, 10:26am | 0 comments

calling bullshit: “Teen Mag Denies Justin Bieber Was Photoshoppped”

Thu Oct 28 2010, 03:40pm | 0 comments

Chilean mine disaster: the movie; Justin Bieber goes to Hollywood; Muppets online; more: leftover links

Sat Sep 18 2010, 05:46pm | 0 comments

female gazing at: Shaun Cassidy

Fri Sep 10 2010, 06:44pm | 7 comments

‘Inception’ attacks ‘X-Men: First Class’; pushing back against 3D; Lisbeth Salander does not eat pray love; more: leftover links

Sun Aug 08 2010, 11:03am | 2 comments

wtf: Justin Bieber is better than all of us

Wed Aug 04 2010, 11:48am | 12 comments

deep thought

Tue Apr 27 2010, 05:20pm | 13 comments

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