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question of the day: What bits of pop culture are you feeling “iffy” about lately?

Over the weekend, Drew Grant at Salon offered us a rundown of the “10 pieces of culture” he’s “feeling iffy about” lately. Perhaps needless to say, none of the “culture” he’s “iffy” about consists of, say, showings of questionable artists in snooty galleries, or what’s happening in the opera scene. (Although, oddly enough, one of the cultural things worth feeling iffy about at the moment is, indeed, an opera: the opus about the life of Anna Nicole Smith that just opened in London.)
Grant’s iffy things are most definitely pop culture-ish: Justin Bieber on CSI, Lady Gaga dressed as a condom, inappropriate usage of kittens by the Japanese for entertainment purposes, this trailer for Thor, and other strange and terrifying moments of pop culture of dubious value. And surely — in a world in which there exists an opera about Anna Nicole Smith, not to mention the fact that Posh Spice has been invited to the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton — there are far more than 10 things to feel iffy about.

So: What bits of pop culture are you feeling “iffy” about lately?

Don’t be afraid to squick us all out…

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