The Perfect Storm review: following bliss

‘It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it’ implies that there aren’t some people who actually enjoy doing a dirty job. As much as The Perfect Storm is an intense and terrifying man-against-nature action movie, it’s an unsentimental and uncliched drama about, as mythologist Joseph Campbell termed it, following your bliss: doing what you’re ‘made to do’ even in the face of opposition from all around you, even to the point of risking your life.

Scrooged (review)

In fact, Dickens might have written something like Scrooged, an 80s, greed-isn’t-good update of the Dickens classic. The wittiest satire of television since Network, Scrooged gives us Frank Cross (Bill Murray: cradle, rushmore), the ‘youngest president in the history of television,’ the maniacal — and megalomanaical — head of the IBC TV network.