Judd Apatow doesn’t know what sexism is…

…Katherine Heigl doesn’t know what grownup is, and Orphan knows that women deserve only punishment. It’s fun! Yup, it’s another installment of The Week in Women, my regular column over at the Alliance of Women Film Journalists. Enjoy.

The Ugly Truth (review)

I’m trying to figure out when ‘romantic comedies’ turned into ‘let’s throw two really despicable and unpleasant people together in the first act so they can hate on each other through the second act until they magically fall in love in the third act.’

trailer break: ‘The Ugly Truth’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Oh god, she’s one of those, isn’t she? Background checks before a first date. Assuming something a guy wrote in his online profile is the entire totality of his personality and tastes. Oh god, he’s one of those, isn’t he? Women are fatties, unless they aren’t, which … more…

Knocked Up (review)

The problem is not that *Knocked Up* is “liberal” because it’s about casual sex and having a baby out of wedlock. The problem is that it is horribly conservative about embracing and enjoying an adult version of sexuality that has moved beyond dorm-room-esque groping.