new this week in U.S., Canadian, and U.K. theaters: ‘Knight and Day,’ ‘Grown Up,’ ‘Get Him to the Greek,’ ‘When in Rome,’ more

U.S. AND CANADA/OPENING WIDE Knight and Day: Tom Cruise does some spy stuff and runs around a lot, while Cameron Diaz does a lot of screaming and runs around like a girl. If you can’t make it to the multiplex, try: • The 39 Steps (1935): Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll are mismatched maybe-spies in … more…

female gaze extra: on the hotness of thigh holsters

At the tender age of eight I was ruined forever for sex with anyone other than pirates and scoundrels by Han Solo. I am now irrevocably imprinted with the impression that there is nothing hotter than a thigh holster. *drool* Even this Han Solo toy is extra hot thanks to the inclusion of the thigh … more…

Knight and Day (review)

*Knight and Day* may have generic characters doing generic things in generic situations, but it’s got Movie Stars with huge white smiles looking pretty and being blandly inoffensive in exotic foreign locales. What’s that? You need more than that? Why do you hate Hollywood?


The caps are for extra urgency, to make you watch this now, before it has to be updated in a few minutes, when Knight and Day is released and downloads into your eyeballs more cinematic moments of Tom Cruise running: (via Cinematical)

question of the day: Now it’s ‘Killer’s and ‘Knight and Day’: Why do movies seem to come in thematic pairs so often?

Reader Feh in comments following my review of Killers asks: MaryAnn, do you have any insight into the ripoff pattern? Why do Hollywood movies tend to come out in pairs? Killers/Knight & Day, Abyss/Leviathan, Deep Impact/Armageddon. Feh then links to a story titled “11 Identical Movies Released at the Same Time” — which dates back … more…