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retro trailer: ‘Romancing the Stone’

Take a look back at an old trailer…

Knight and Day made me think, I want to see ‘Romancing the Stone’ again. (The comparison was not favorable to K&D.) This is probably all I’ll have time for for a while.

Romancing the Stone is available on DVD in Region 1 from Amazon.com and from Amazon.ca and in Region 2 from Amazon U.K.

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  • Lisa

    is that cos you’re watching the Pandorica Opens for 9th time?

  • Kathy_A

    Someone on a discussion board once told me that she was taking a scriptwriting class in LA, and the teacher had them go through the script for Romancing the Stone because she felt that it was in the epitome of “the perfect script”–tightly written, with tons of great character moments for everyone involved, lots of action, well-drawn plot, and a full range of characters (the plucky ingenue, the damsel in distress, the ingenue’s best friend, the scruffy hero with the heart of gold, the weasely toady, the comic relief villain, and a truly evil villain).

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