dream cast: hypothetical ’21 Jump Street’ remake

It’s still Thursday for a little while, and that means it’s time to remake an 80s classic TV show or movie with an all-new cast. This week: 21 Jump Street, the 1987-91 Fox drama about young-looking cops who go undercover in high schools. Now that I look back at it, it was like Law & … more…

Twilight (review)

It’s like an actual grownup movie, all serious and important. Like you can tell how beautiful the vampires are supposed to be because everything gets slow and sparkly when they walk by — and I mean even when they’re not in sunlight LOL!

Tribeca ’07: The Cake Eaters (review)

You asked me to marry you, and then you took off without saying good-bye. Three men, three women, and a whole lotta tender secrets, aching desire, and broken hearts fill up the directorial debut of actor Mary Stuart Masterson — so much so that what seems at first like a lean, spare psychic space in … more…