‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Let’s Kill Hitler”

After a few days to digest this and multiple viewings to comfirm my feelings about this episode, I am sad to say that it treads dangerously close to a point at which I want to disavow it as “real” Doctor Who and start pretending that it doesn’t “count.”

The Kentucky Fried Movie (review)

If I had been introduced to this film at a more impressionable age, I might today have pleasant adolescent memories of it that would color my grownup response to it today, and perhaps I could be kinder to a movie considered a comedy classic by some. But I wasn’t, I haven’t, and I can’t.

question of the day: What’s your favorite Monty Python bit?

The first episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus was broadcast 40 years ago this month — though the boys’ official site insists it’s the 400th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, the cable network IFC is this week airing a new six-part documentary, Monty Python: Almost the Truth: The Lawyer’s Cut. (I don’t get IFC … more…

classical movies are music to cinema’s ears

No, not classic movies: classical movies. September is Classical Music Month, the origin of which probably ties in to the whole “back to school, back to seriousness” idea. Which is sort of silly, actually: just because classical music is has stood the test of time doesn’t mean it has to be solemn. In fact, for … more…