cinematic roots of: ‘Middle Men’

In *Middle Men,* Luke Wilson invents porn on the Internet and then thinks it’s a bad idea, but no backsies, he’s stuck with the Russian mobsters who want his money and him dead… This flick sprang from (among other films)…

‘Warehouse 13’ debuts on Sci Fi, er, SyFy tonight

SyFy is kicking off its on-air rebranding with the debut of a series that, clearly, it has high hopes for as some sort of anchor for the network’s “new” image. Alas that Warehouse 13 — premering with a two-hour pilot tonight at 9pm Eastern — feels like more of the same-old not-too-daring Sci Fi Channel … more…

An American Affair (review)

It was originally titled *Boy of Pigs*, which captures the near-risibility of a movie that attempts to conflate the sexual awakening of one lonely adolescent with so traumatic an event as the assassination of John F. Kennedy.