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I don’t have a lot to say about ‘Falling Skies’…

…right now except that — having seen both last week’s two-hour TNT premiere and the episode that will air tonight in the U.S. — it is everything I wanted the new V and The Walking Dead to be, and weren’t.
I love the slow reveal of the alien invaders. I love the even slower reveal of what their motives may be… so much so that there’s almost a sense that the aliens could have such truly alien motives that they might be incomprehensible. (I’m sure that won’t turn out to be the case, because that would be far to abstruse for even cable TV, but I’m enjoying savoring the illusion that this could be a remote possibility.)

I love how the sappy soapy aspects of it really feel genuine and gosh-darn moving, like how Noah Wyle comes home from a day guerilla-fighting the nasty ETs and then has a catch with his adorable yet sad towheaded son. Sweet.

I love that there is more than one tough, strong woman scouting and fighting and no one at all, not even someone’s crazy uncle — not even crazy soldier boy Will Patton — seems to think that’s weird or inappropriate.

Also: Colin Cunningham is the shit. I always liked him on the Stargates. I’m loving him here.

Looking forward to more…

Falling Skies continue tonight in the U.S. on TNT at 10pm Eastern, and debuts in the U.K. on FX UK on July 5th, 9pm.

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