Slate thinks piracy is cool

When you post a YouTube video in which some dude on the Internet has supercut all the F-bombs in The Wolf of Wall Street, you are promoting piracy.

omg: Hollywood secretly embraces the power of piracy

Viacom does, at least. It’s from a couple weeks back but I just discovered it, a post by Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing about the lawsuit in which Viacom is suing Google “for $1 billion for not having copyright lawyers inspect all the videos that get uploaded to YouTube before they’re made live.” Here we … more…

question of the day: Shouldn’t Hollywood condemn Ashton Kutcher’s ‘piracy’ of ‘Killers’?

I noted in last Friday’s Question of the Day that the Katherine Heigl/Ashton Kutcher flick Killers wouldn’t be screening for critics before it opens tomorrow. (I’ll attend a courtesy screening for press tomorrow morning, and will have a review asap afterward.) Lionsgate’s reason for this? The studio wants to “capitalize on the revolution in social … more…