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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

Slate thinks piracy is cool

Note to Slate: When you post a thing about a YouTube video in which some dude on the Internet has supercut all the F-bombs in The Wolf of Wall Street — like you did the other day with “Every F-Bomb from The Wolf of Wall Street — you are promoting piracy.

Why would you do that?

The only way some dude on the Internet could create a supercut of bits from a film still in multiplexes (or actually not even open in some major market yet) is if he has a pirated copy of the film, or access to an awards screener (if one was even made available, which I don’t think it has), which the studios put the fear of God into those of us who receive such things to protect and keep off the Internet.


No shit.

Look. Piracy is happening. There’s plenty of debate over whether its impact on the industry is as bad as the industry claims, and plenty of debate over how the industry could be better reacting to what constitutes a loud-and-clear demand from its audience for a new way to consume its product. But while we’re figuring out all this stuff, it’s just plain obnoxious for a major respected corporate site such as Slate to be given blatant piracy a stamp of approval for no reason beyond clickbait.

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