defining the female gaze

In response to something I posted recently about “the female gaze,” I got an email from a male reader who appeared to believe that “the female gaze” refers to “movies women like to watch.” It doesn’t. Not even close. But his email got my thinking that perhaps I need to explain what “the female gaze” … more…

Miss March (review)

If you wanted to explain to a mentally challenged hamster about the virgin/whore dichotomy, you could do worse than to show it *Miss March.*

The House Bunny (review)

Sex Bomb You’ve heard the term sex bomb. Now hear this: The House Bunny is a nuclear sex bomb, a radioactive weapon deadly to all forms of life except cockroaches and — maybe — morons as catastrophically stupid as the Playboy bunny Anna Faris “portrays” here. Oh, it’s supposed to be adorable, how stupid Faris’s … more…