cinematic roots of: ‘The Virginity Hit’

No movie springs from a vacuum. There are always influences from past examples of the genre, from the previous work of the filmmakers and stars, even from similar films that don’t quite work. If you want to understand where a movie is coming from, take a look at where it’s coming from.

In The Virginity Hit, a meanspirited teenaged boy documents — for YouTube and the whole world to see — his supposed best friend’s humiliating attempts to lose his virginity. This flick sprang from (among other films):

Sex Drive (2008), one of the worst movies of the previous decade, about an idiot who travels crosscountry to lose his virginity to the Playboy centerfold who used to be his Jesus-freak, let’s-save-ourselves-for-marriage girlfriend.

Superbad (2007), in which two teenaged boys (Michael Cera and Jonah Hill) behave badly while trying to look cool, which is hopeless because they can’t get over their terror of bodily fluids.

The Girl Next Door (2004), for a more interesting look at horndog teenage boys and the women they love; here, Emile Hirsch falls in love with his porn-star neighbor (Elisha Cuthbert), which is echoed in a porn-star subplot in Hit.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), for a journey back to the roots of raunchy teen comedies; this one features an actual girl (Jennifer Jason Leigh) concerned about losing her virginity.
Where to buy:
Fast Times at Ridgemont High [Region 1/U.S.] [Region 1/Can.] [Region 2]
The Girl Next Door [Region 1/U.S.] [Region 1/Can.] [Region 2]
Sex Drive [Region 1/U.S.] [Region 1/Can.] [Region 2]
Superbad [Region 1/U.S.] [Region 1/Can.] [Region 2]

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