Repo Men (review)

“Christ, have you seen what these assholes are doing with the idea I so generously bestowed upon them?” She didn’t quite throw *Repo Men* at me — for which I was grateful, because an enraged muse can hurl something as physically nebulous but as psychically powerful as a story with the force of a tornado — but she was about to if I didn’t calm her down.

because Seth MacFarlane is a bigger jerk than we knew

On the recent episode of Family Guy entitled “Big Man on Hippocampus,” a blurb on a Pretty Woman video box reads: “This movie made me laugh so hard, I had mild headaches. So I went to the doctor and got myself checked out. I am currently waiting for the results. –Gene Siskel.” Because brain cancer … more…

ho ho no: anticonsumer movies for your holiday pleasure

A day after a man was trampled to death at a Long Island Wal-Mart — not by starving hoards rushing for the last can of Spam but by holiday shoppers desperate to save ten bucks on a cheap-ass made-in-China DVD player — Entertainment Weekly posted a DVD roundup called “Shop ‘Til You Drop: 20 Movies … more…