The Dilemma (review)

The real dilemma here is not: Should Vince Vaughn tell Kevin James that his — James’s — wife is cheating on him? It’s: How did Ron Howard get attached to this train wreck of a movie?

Rodrigo Garcia on making movies about women (interview)

Rodrigo Garcia’s latest film, Mother and Child, opening tomorrow in the U.S. and Canada, is that rarest of rarities these days: a serious film about motherhood that does not resort to clichés and stereotypes but explores what is for many women the central experience of their lives without either denigrating it or dismissing it. The … more…

trailer break: ‘Just Wright’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Remember, ladies: Do not be your regular self if you want to catch a man. If you do, how will he be able to bitch later that you’ve “changed”? It would be nice is this movie were actually about a woman who doesn’t play games winning out … more…