Joyful Noise (trailer)

Well, then, now I’ve seen the whole movie and don’t need to watch it. No, I don’t really mean that… but dang: what’s left to know about the story? I mean, they win the Big Contest, right? Because they learned how to work together. And the sun comes out and shines over Los Angeles, right?

Good lord, Dolly Parton is terrifying:

Joyful Noise Dolly Parton

Thank god Queen Latifah said something about it.

I have no idea who Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan are, but I have a horrible suspicion they’re from Glee. They are, aren’t they?

The tagline on the poster scares me, too:

Joyful Noise poster

“Dream a whole lot louder”? How, precisely, is that supposed to work? How does one dream “louder”?

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