All About Steve (review)

Memo to Sandra Bullock, star and producer of *All About Steve*: When people complain about how there aren’t enough roles for “older” women in Hollywood, I don’t think they were thinking that this was the solution.

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Get it? It is a truth universally acknowledged that men love with their dicks and women love with their brains. Everyone just knows this. I’m not sure if we should take this as an indication that the people involved in making this movie actually genuinely don’t understand that people are wildly individualistic and so figure … more…

Rain Man (review)

Barry Levinson’s Rain Man was so seminal a film that its title character’s nickname and dialogue have entered the vernacular — we’ve all said ‘Kmart sucks’ and ‘I’m an excellent driver’ once or twice, right? Beneath the film’s gentle odd-couple comedy and astonishingly affecting performance by Dustin Hoffman as the autistic savant Raymond Babbitt, however, is a sharp drama about emotionality, frustration, and the capacity we all have for surprising ourselves by changing.