say what? worst. lines. ever, 2004 edition

Here, in one place, the funniest bad dialogue of the year 2004. They’re not ranked — they’re all equally awful. [Warning: May contain spoilers.] [click here for the best, most quotable snippets of dialogue from 2004] “Clearly, madam, genuis has turned to madness.” –Raoul (Patrick Wilson), to Madame Giry (Miranda Richardson), on the Phantom (Gerard … more…

Men in Black II (review)

Sequels are hard. Science fiction sequels are a bitch. Every once in a rare while, we get an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ or an ‘Aliens,’ a sequel that expands and deepens the original, a sequel better than the original. Usually, alas, we get ‘Highlander II.’ ‘Men in Black II’ is, thankfully, no ‘Highlander II.’ But it ain’t no ‘Aliens,’ neither.