Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition (review)

Quibbles? Do I have quibbles? You bet. Why did Joel Hodgson torment us so with the brilliance that was *Mystery Science Theater 3000* if it couldn’t go on forever? How can we take revenge on those who cancelled the show, not once but twice, first on Comedy Central and then on the Sci Fi Channel? Why isn’t the whole damn series available right now on DVD? And how can a robot made of a small plastic toy bubble gum machine be so darn sexy?

watch it: “Nailing Your Wife”

Well, I say “watch it” advisedly. I’m gonna rip into it after the jump. (Yeah, I said it was gonna be all politics this week, but this one made me too mad): Nailing Your Wife | Girls | SPIKE.com Spike calls this “PG Porn,” and there’s absolutely no way in hell anyone can complain about … more…

War, Inc. (review)

No extras on the *War, Inc.* DVD? Really? I was so hoping for something — a commentary track, a making-of — that would help me understand why this seeming can’t-miss satire misses.

Burn After Reading (review)

I think maybe I’ve figured out how Joel and Ethan Coen do it. How they move so effortlessly from comedy to drama, from fluffy to forceful, from silly to solemn. It’s that they don’t think about tone or genre, at least not at the beginning: they just think about a character, and let him have his lead, and see where he takes them.

Postal (review)

Like a child who thinks he can scandalize his elders by screaming naughty words he doesn’t even understand, German filmmaker Uwe Boll mistakes shock for satire and crudity for cleverness…

Hamlet 2 (review)

You could almost call it, *Where Do Dreams Go to Die?,* this satire that’s so insightful about art and hope and ambition and enthusiasm — and their flip sides of anger and frustration and embarrassment and derailment — that it’s actually painful at times.

Tropic Thunder (review)

Oh please please please let it be true that Ben Stiller is done with the humiliation ‘comedies’ and is getting back to his roots in smart satire.