trailer break: ‘Sleep Dealer’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… I’m curious to see this because it’s science fiction, and because writer-director Alex Rivera will have been forced to be more creative than Hollywood typically has to be because he didn’t have a huge Hollywood budget to play with. But I’m not thrilled with this trailer. I … more…

Primeval: Volume One (review)

Dinosaurs rampaging in supermarket parking lots! Wormholes swallowing up little kids and their dogs! Creatures from the past — and the future — hunting down poor puny humans in modern-day Great Britain while cute brainy scientists try to stop them! Good times, good times.

‘Heroes’ pseudo viral ad

Speaking of interesting ads I noted on the subway while riding bored… This one started out with just the regular Heroes logo, and then a week or so later, the “villains” bit appeared, apparently spray-painted over it (you have to get up very close to it for the illusion of the spray-paint to fall apart, … more…

what the hell is ‘Fringe,’ anyway?

I’ve been seeing ads all around New York — on the sides of buses, on the walls of subway stations — that look like this: And every time I see one, all I can think is: Torchwood. American TV was on the lookout for a Torchwood, and J.J. Abrams gave them this. Now, I had … more…

Babylon A.D. (review)

I found myself sorta not hating it, and sorta fascinated by it, for about 45 minutes or so. Alas that the movie’s about 90 minutes long.