‘Heroes’ pseudo viral ad

Speaking of interesting ads I noted on the subway while riding bored…

This one started out with just the regular Heroes logo, and then a week or so later, the “villains” bit appeared, apparently spray-painted over it (you have to get up very close to it for the illusion of the spray-paint to fall apart, and then you can see it’s actually printed on the poster). It made me forget for a moment that we already knew that Book III of Heroes would be called “Villains,” and made me wonder whether there was some nutjob out there who figures superheroes are satanic and was so incensed at the popularity of the show that he had to strike a blow against it. And then I realized how silly that was — or, you know, not — and then I was just pleased with the faux viralness of it.

Heroes returns to NBC on Monday, September 22, with a “countdown” episode (I’m guessing that’ll be a recap of what’s happened so far) at 8pm Eastern and two back-to-back new episodes starting at 9pm Eastern. (And then new episodes will air at 9pm on subsequent Mondays.) A reader emailed me the other day to ask if I would be blogging about the episodes as I did last season… and I will. I’ll miss an episode when I’m traveling in England immediately after the premiere, but I’ll catch up when I get back.

If you can’t wait for Season Three, you can check out some spoilers and other nonspoiler teaser stuff on the Season Two DVD box set, which I wrote about recently here.

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