trailer break: ‘Little Ashes’

Take a break from work: watch a trailer… Did you know that Salvador Dali was a vampire? Oh, but I kid poor Robert Pattinson, who may eventually live down Twilight, but that’s a long way off. Still, if he can expose some little girls to history and art, that’s not a bad thing. And — … more…

Fantastic Four (review)

Oh my, but we’ve been spoiled for comic book movies these last few years, haven’t we, with *X-Men* and *Spider-Man* and *Hulk* and *Batman Begins.* I just get all warm and squishy and totally turned on thinking about anguished, neurotic, potentially psychotic, not-at-all-well superheroes who need desperately to be hugged and coddled and, ahem, comforted after indulging their angsts and neuroses while beating the living crap out of bad guys bent on world domination or somesuch. What girl doesn’t?