North American box office: ‘New Moon’ sparkles

It’s official — it’s as easy to pander to girls as it is to boys: 1. The Twilight Saga: New Moon: $142.8 million (NEW) 2. The Blind Side: $34.1 million (NEW) 3. 2012: $26.4 million (2nd week; drops 60%) 4. Planet 51: $12.3 million (NEW) 5. A Christmas Carol: $12.3 million (3rd week; drops 45%) … more…

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (review)

Oh, thank the gods. Thank crazy Walt Disney’s head in a cryogenic freezer. Thank the army of producers and FX geeks and writers and cast and studio execs and focus-group gurus and everyone else who made this prepackaged, ready-for-synergy-marketing, lowest-common-denominator junk cinema the most cheesalicious, escape-a-riffic it could be.