yeah: women like superhero movies (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• Were women! OMG! Alert the National Guard! Get the smelling salts! Never mind that the slightest bit of research would have revealed that The Dark Knight’s opening-weekend audience was 48% female and Spider-Man 3’s was 46% female. Shocker! Yeah: Women like action movies. Women like superhero movies. Women like comic book movies. Join the 21st century. 40% of People Who Saw The Avengers Were…

• Winter is coming… 5 Scientific Explanations for Game of Thrones‘ Messed-Up Seasons

• Here’s how you do “Don’t be evil.” BREAKING NEWS: Twitter Stands Up For One Of Its Users

• This. Scarlett Johansson Has the Most Human Moment in ‘The Avengers’

• Apparently the reason: Tech is becoming “a sexier industry.” You know, like how the cover of “Smell the Glove” was sexy. In tech, some bemoan the rise of ‘brogrammer’ culture

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