my reads: ‘Farthing’ by Jo Walton

If George Orwell and Dorothy L. Sayers collaborated on a novel, it might read like Farthing, which opens with the murder of an aristocrat at an English country house party in the late 1940s… except it’s an alternate England in which the course of World War II went rather differently.

Defiance (review)

Just when you think that surely, by now — especially after this year of nonstop Nazi movies! — we’ve heard every story to come out of the Holocaust, along comes yet another new one.

Television Under the Swastika (review)

The Nazi Channel When you think “early television,” you think Ernie Kovacs and The Twilight Zone and Edward R. Murrow and I Love Lucy and quiz scandals and Rockefeller Center and the NBC peacock and doctors endorsing cigarettes. Turns out, though, that the 1950s were not the beginning of TV as a mass medium: that … more…