opening in the U.S. and Canada June 19: ‘The Proposal,’ ‘Year One,’ Whatever Works,’ ‘Dead Snow,’ ‘The Windmill Movie’

opening wide The Proposal: Remember how we decided to get married, honey? It was so romantic, what with you threatening my career and all… *sigh* Year One: Or maybe they could call the sequel Year One: Number 2, and then they could get a shit joke right in the title. opening limited Whatever Works: Woody … more…

opening in the U.K. June 19: ‘Year One,’ ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,’ ‘Miss March,’ ‘Away We Go,’ ‘Moon,’ more

Year One: Oh god, there’s gonna be a sequel, isn’t there? Year Two? For the love of Brian, someone make it stop… Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: By the time I see this come Monday afternoon, its debut-weekend fate in the U.K. will already be known. Weird. [trailer] Miss March: Man, we are just dumping … more…

Year One (review)

Thanks so much, everyone involved in *Year One,* for setting back the noble causes of blasphemy, rational thinking, and humanism about a century.