Scientology bites back at cinemastrology

My secret cinemastrology informer just sent me this:

Remember how I said that Tom Cruise would have a response to the power of cinemastrology over Hollywood these days? Well I was close. How come all of a sudden the Scientology nutjobs are pushing their Super Power center in Florida? The thing has been in the works at least since 1991, but all of a sudden now word “leaks” to a Florida paper about how this new Scientology headquarters is going to be built in Clearwater? No way is this a coincidence!

My correspondent is referring to an article that appeared the other day in the St. Petersburg Times, which says, in part, this:

CLEARWATER – Matt Feshbach believes he has super powers. He senses danger faster than most people. He appreciates beauty more deeply than he used to. He says he outperforms his peers in the money management industry.

He heightened his powers of perception in 1995 when he went to Los Angeles and became the first and so far only “public” Scientologist to take a highly classified Scientology program called Super Power…

Under wraps for decades, Super Power now is being prepped for its eventual rollout in Scientology’s massive building in downtown Clearwater. That will be the only place worldwide where the program, much anticipated by Scientologists, will be offered.

A key aim of Super Power is to enhance one’s perceptions – and not just the five senses we all know – hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard taught that people have 57 “perceptics.” They include an ability to discern relative sizes, blood circulation, balance, compass direction, temperature, gravity and an “awareness of importance, unimportance.”…

Asked about Super Power, church spokesman Ben Shaw provided a written statement: “Super Power is a series of spiritual counseling processes designed to give a person back his own viewpoint, increase his perception, exercise his power of choice, and greatly enhance other spiritual abilities.”

(My correspondent’s prediction about Cruise and cinemastrology was posted last week here.)

What’s very interesting is this tidbit, posted at Rick Ross’s site about religious cults: Katie Holmes’s “Scientology minder,” her chaperone at all press events these days, is Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez, daughter of the Matt Feshbach quoted in the St. Pete Times article.

It certainly looks as if Cruise could be behind this new PR push for Scientology…

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  1. Yes, Tom Cruise is behind the push for Scientology! He also messes with the weather and is the secret mastermind behind the “10-hotdogs/but/only-8-buns supermarket debacle”!

    Get real.

    Obviously, Tom Cruise is promoting his movie, and meanwhile, in a land far away from Hollywood, Scientology keeps expanding. There have been news and press releases about Scientology construction plans and the Super Power building long before this movie, and will be after the buzz for MI3 dies down. Scientology just keeps expanding, and that keeps making news. That’s all.

    Incidentally, going to self-admitted kidnapper, convicted felon and school-dropout Rick Ross for information about a religious movement is like going to a crack-whore for information about civic responsibility.

    Greg Churilov

  2. Tiring and repetitious your rantings against Scientology — and out of step with what really is happening. 18 new Scientology centers opened around the world, representing more than 1 million square feet of new facilities. Tom Cruise’s public condemnation of psych drugs brought to critical mass public debate. Result, since Cruise’s interviews, the FDA was forced to order Black Box warning labels on psych drug packages. Scientology is everywhere. Checkout http://www.infocenter2.org

  3. Greg, are you suggesting that Rick Ross is wrong? Is Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez NOT the daughter of Matt Feshbach?

    Also: Attention all Scientology nutters! Please continue to spread the world about my anti-Scientology campaign here at FlickFilosopher.com. I could use the traffic.

  4. What the hell is a “Scientology minder”? Oh I know … it’s Ross’ (and now MaryAnnJohanson’s) made up word for a PA … commonly known in Hollywood as a PERSONAL ASSISTANT.

    Yes MaryAnn … Rick Ross is “wrong” … as well as a self-confessed kidnapper. And by quoting and linking to this loon, you play into his idiocy about how only Rick Ross knows what the REAL religions are.

  5. Oops!! Guess another one of those nasty Scientologists just popped up!! Hey MaryAnn, time to start feeling really paranoid. I’ll bet there are at least three or four Scientologists who live and work right around you.

    I’ve been a Scientologist for over 27 years and none of that goofy stuff (volcanoes, “body thetans”, “silent birth”, etc.)I’ve seen printed in the media is anything I’ve ever come across in any of my books by Hubbard.

    When are you going to come clean on this issue?

    If anyone wants to know what Dianetics and Scientology REALLY IS, you are welcome to drop me a line. Michael SniperDoc2006@Yahoo.com

  6. Visit the sites that scientology don’t want you to see. Go to xenu.net and xenuTV.com if you want the truth about $cientology.
    Bypass the propganda and join the xenu.net message board, Operation Clambake, and talk to ex-scientologist about thier very real experiences.

  7. Don’t argue with the Scientologists. They’re brainwashed tools. Rick Ross has been very honest about his past and everything he’s done and you can read the truth about it yourself at his site. There’s a mighty difference between kidnapping and helping a family deprogram a kid that’s been duped by a dangerous cult.

  8. Ask a scientologist about Lisa McPherson or even better go to http://www.whyaretheydead.net for the real truth about what scientology can do for you.

    Life is too short to give all of your money to a cult named the church of scientology!

    The only thing Rick Ross is guilty of is helping people out of evil cults like scientology that makes you disconnect from your family if they don’t like you being in a cult.

    Scientology has a special gulag for those who don’t keep with their plan. It’s called the rehabilitation project force (RPF for short) in which Human rights are violated every day right here in America!

    Bill Tanner

  9. “Tom Cruise’s public condemnation of psych drugs brought to critical mass public debate.”

    No, the only thing Cruise has done was to get a bill passed so that the regular public cant buy sonogram machines and other potentially dangerous medical devices if in the wrong hands because he recklessly bought one to check his pregnant wife. The bill passed in record time. Otherwise he has been the poster boy for why all Scientologist need psychotherapy!

  10. I’ve been a Scientologist for over 27 years and none of that goofy stuff (volcanoes, “body thetans”, “silent birth”, etc.)I’ve seen printed in the media is anything I’ve ever come across in any of my books by Hubbard.

    Obviously, you haven’t forked over enough of your money yet.

    When are you going to come clean on this issue?

    How much coming cleaner can I do? Religion is bunk. All of it. The gullibility of people astounds me, particularly when it comes to a “religion” invented by a science fiction writer on a bet from another SF writer (Isaac Asimov), who didn’t think Hubbard could pull it off.

    Joke’s on Asimov… and all of us.

  11. his pregnant wife.

    She’s not his wife. They’ll never marry. Beards don’t work when we all KNOW they’re beards.

  12. Man, I love it when the clambots start carpetbombing any site that dares to criticise Hubbard’s folly. I would, of course, direct those unfamiliar with $cientology to xenu.net, but then the clams start up with their ” I never saw any volcanoes” tripe. So I would refer those considering joining the cult to Hubbard’s own (rather incoherent) writing, especially “A History of Mankind”. This is perhaps the silliest book ever written, the kind of “science” one would expect from Monty Python . . . on acid. If you read this and think “Wow! Sign me up!” then you deserve what you get.

  13. All this Scientology gobbledygook has to stop. There is no such thing as clear. No such thing as OTIII. Well, perhaps there is when you pay the big bucks to get it, and then find out how silly it is.

    To even say that there are no such things as depression, chemical imbalance, and the like, is just plain irresposible. Tom and the rest of Scientology need to just shut up.

    The Scientologists can attack us all they want. The truth is, there is no such thing as what L.Ron was shilling for. It’s all about the money for this so-called “church.”

  14. I am a chapter minister of the Tarantulists, a socio-religious order that believes a segment of primitive man interbred with giant Northern African tarantulas 7,000 years ago.

    It is with some amusement that Tarantulists have followed the debate – indeed, conflict – between Scientologists and virtually every other faith and/or pseudo-scientific belief system here in the U.S. over the decades and now with your readers here at FlickFilosopher.com. You should know that we Tarantulists have been fans of this web site since your entertaining review of “Eight Legged Freaks” (our cinematic Holy Grail) four years ago. (People say I bear a striking likeness to David Arquette, whom you, alas, pan as having less charisma than the arachnids. This made some of my congregation crawl up the wall but I say, C’est la vie.)

    If any of your readership wishes to learn more of our mostly benign, occasionally venomous sodality, please feel free to visit us at http://www.WeAreTarantulistsAndProudOfIt.org.

    It can’t hurt. Yet.

  15. GREG….So you are not into taking advice from a high school drop out? Who runs your cult? Where is DM’s diploma?

  16. Hubbard’s folly

    Are you kidding?! Hubbert’s estate is making a fuckin’ fortune off the gullibility and insecurity of people! He was like a modern P.T. Barnum.

  17. Tom Cruise is fighting back because he realizes he has lost his star and thinks he can bully and cajole people into liking him. He thinks we work for him. He forgot ticket-buyers are the Source of his wealth and fame. We made him a star and we are now unmaking him a star because of his arrogant cultic evangelism.
    Just say “NO” to Tom Cruise!!!

    BTW, David Miscavige, the Terrormidget who is Scientology’s dictator, is a high-school drop out, religious terrorist, and was considered for indictment for felony charges in the death of Lisa Mc Pherson. Certainly we should not go to Scientology for religious advice per Greg Churilov’s counsel to avoid sleazy people.

  18. To all of those that rave and rant about the evils of psych care… Why did they find L.Ron Hubbard with psych drugs in his system?

    If you do not believe me, do a search for L.Ron Hubbards Autopsy report… I am sure you be curious of what you see.

  19. The saddest thing about the cult of Scientology is that well meaning, often idealistic individuals get shanghied into taking away hard earned money from other well meaning individuals, and giving them almost nothing in return.

    Scientology claimed 15,000,000 member worldwide in 1970. Today they claim 10,000,000 and and that they are the fastest growing “church” in the world. The real number is probably closer to 50,000.

    I am sad for Michael/SniperDoc not having heard about all the weird stuff after 27 years. I guess you just haven’t paid enough money yet. Or you may be lying. Scientologists do that and they even have religious scripture that trains them in lying called TR-L. Check it out. They even have their own words for lying–(acceptable truths, staying on-gradient, shore stories).

    Scientology used to dramatically discourage people from hearing about Xenu, which is the heart of the key level OT3, by telling people that if they heard even the word Xenu they would die of pneumonia. The word is out now and no one has died of pneumonia. Michael if you are telling the truth, if you even know what truth is after 27 years, you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

  20. Regardless of whether Cruise and/or Scientology are right in his/its critique of psychiatry does not change the fact that Scientology is a load of sci-fi nonsense.

    It’s like how just because Christianity gets the “it’s wrong to kill” thing right, that doesn’t prove the divinity of Jesus.

  21. Mary Ann:

    OK, so one aspect sounds ludicrous on it’s face: The media spin version of OT levels. How about the rest of Scientology? Makes too much sense, so the critics conveniently leave it on the cutting room floor. How about the “reactive mind” and painful images stored as “engrams” – you could borrow the book from your library, audit someone and see for yourself how the mind works. But your mind is made up without evaluating any of those things. Imagine the Catholic Church being judged by “The Exorcist”. Would that be a realistic view?

  22. Micheal: 27 years? What are your stats? Where are you on the Bridge? If you have not reached OT III after 27 years, there is something wrong with your case. I know of a 30 year Scientologist who was OT VII. Mary Ann; you are being glib. The critics leave nothing on the cutting room floor, as you put it. There is simply far too much garbage pumped by the C of S to take up this poor person’s blogspace with the mind-boggling amounts of it. Reactive mind? Trash. Engrams? Tripe. Hubbard tried to “prove” the presence of engrams (using drugs, I might add) and failed miserably. It is documented. You are simply blocked from encountering all the massive entheta of the Wog world by your Scientology masters. At the very least, they would hope you would not find out that DM squirreled your tech, the Super Power building remains unfinished, yet the C of S is still hitting the public for donations, people are blowing from the Orgs at an incredible rate, the RPF is being exposed for the gulags they are, pictures of IAS events are being doctored to make it look like there are more people in attendance than there are, how the “Church” still practices “Fair Game” doctrine (something the Catholic Church, for all it’s faults, does not do) and people are being let in on the horrid conditions and long work hours children face on the Cadet’s RPF. A child should not have to work 18 hours a day. The antics of Tom Cruise is just icing on the cake, showing how dangerous and mind altering the buzz from the cans can be over time.

    That is the “truth” and it is a truth that you do not have to pay $360,000 USD for. You no doubt have some very serious O/W’s and enturbulation to deal with now. Go into session, get on the cans and run out your BT’s. Also, do not forget to write up a KR for your Scientology handlers at OSA.

    For everyone else, try http://www.lermanet.com to see how Scientology swindles, persecutes and intimidates people ona daily basis.

  23. Gelliard, Scientology is not all crap, anymore than the worm on the end of a hook is crap to a fish.

    Scientology spokesmen lie about Xenu, denying they have ever heard the word or saying that Xenu is peripheral. But, Xenu is central. Do you know that? I know it because I have three friends who are OT3 or beyond and have since given up on the cult.

    Read Dianetics, underline the claims. Double underline the part where he says that it is a pure science as reliable as chemistry or phyics (it is near the end, I don’t have the book with me now). Then ask around the cult offices why clears still wear glasses, why they don’t have perfect memories, why clears turn into suppresives. The answer to these questions is obvious to me. Scientology (and Dianetics) is mostly nonsense.

    And as for why some psychiatric writing is nonsense– well that is the by product of psychiatry not being a cult and having many contributors.

    And let’s remember psychiatry deals with the very disturbed. You make the “able more able”. When I was part of it, Scientology didn’t want a disturbed person in their offices. You prey on people, looking for their “ruin”. Psychiatrists aren’t allowed to advertise let alone hand out leaflets on the street, give free personality tests and stress tests. Psychiatrists are bound by government codes and laws. Your cult hides behind a cloak of piety. Psychiatry does not claim to be a perfect science, nor do its patients claim it to be. I certainly think that it filled with half-baked methods. Scientology/ Dianetics claims that it is a perfect science.

    To me the issue is not psychiatry or scientology but you people like to frame it that way. To me the issue is Scientology charges huge amounts of money claiming that it can do things that it just can’t do. No wonder Hubbard got four years in France. No wonder he spent the last years of his life hiding out in California.

  24. Kusinagi’s Ghost: Wow! what style – I’m impressed! But not by 2nd and 3rd hand propaganda. I haven’t experienced anything like the Scientology you’re talking about (and that last post was mine, not “Michael’s”). I don’t put down Catholicism BTW. I’m only illustrating how you can take a religiosity out of context. I agree that Tom Cruise stepped on some sensitive toes: We all get offended when our own oxes get gored; and what’s real to him is not real to someone getting their relief from a bottle of pills. I feel those are stopgap measures, not answers to anything. With all this nefarious activity going on in Scientology (?) – why aren’t the offenders in jail? If so who are they?

  25. Mary Ann; you are being glib. The critics leave nothing on the cutting room floor, as you put it.

    Hey, *I* didn’t say anything about cutting-room floors, and I most certainly think that Scientology is nonsense.

    With all this nefarious activity going on in Scientology (?) – why aren’t the offenders in jail? If so who are they?

    Excellent question. I would ask the same of all the abusive Catholic priests… and I don’t just mean the ones who sexually abused choir boys. Why is *any* religion given credence, like the tax-exempt status religions enjoy in the U.S. The Catholic Church is one of the biggest landowners in NYC, and yet they pay no property taxes. Why should I, an individual taxpayer, subsidize superstitious ritual?

    The fact that no one is in jail over Scientology (if that’s even true, which I don’t know that it is) is no proof of its veracity.

    I continue to be astounded at how gullible people are, and how desperate they are for someone to tell them what to do and what to think.

  26. A couple of questions to all the Scientologists reading this:

    How much money have you spent so far on Scientology?

    In that time how much has your life improved? (be honest)

    Now think about this: If you continue to be a Scientologist, how much money will it cost you over the next twenty years?

    Imagine if you stopped being a Scientologist today…

  27. Mary Ann, I’m relieved to see that you’re at least an equal opportunity atheist. I’m afraid what’s true for you is what’s true for you, and the reality gap is my problem: I expect that.
    Conversely, you can’t walk a mile in my shoes either. For me Scientology has delivered -in many ways too personal for me to elaborate here (I would only open myself up to attack). I can only tell you that I’m a happy camper even thought there are some naysayers who are not. I’ve seen OT’s and Clears, and they’re generally way better off than Mr.Everyday Normal in their outlook, rationality and level of personality.
    I decided that that was what I wanted to be like.
    I’ve gone Clear and become much more like the person I’ve always wanted to be, with myself in control, not unwanted emotions or impulses making my life a shit sandwich and every day another bite. I’m nobody’s drone but I can still be a team player: No one is telling me what or how to think. Auditing allows you to look within and find your own answers: You don’t believe anything until it’s real to you. I like the changes I’ve been through and have no regrets – life would have cost me alot more without Scientology. That’s the best I can explain it all to you and that’s really all I’m trying to do. If you think it’s a crock, C’est la vie.

  28. Gelliard, sadly yours is the textbook case of the cult member, a lost soul who has been taken in to the fold. From what I have read, about 40% of people associated with coercive cults fit your profile. The other 60% are people with few problems, brought in by loved ones, who are worked on by the cult to the point where normal background neurosis are turned into active psychosis. The cult presents themselves as the only “cure”. I fell into that second group when I became a Scientologist. I have since left.

    Had you stayed outside Scientology you might have found a more conventional answer such as the love of a good woman, or a meaningful job. Instead you got a protective group with harmful belief system mixed into it.

    And it is not just a matter of saying, “C’est la vie”. You have some really bad ideas there that you are trying to spread around. I don’t want the people I care about to become part of all that. That is why I spread my own opinions at websites like this.

    Why aren’t the scientologists in jail? Well some have been, key ones like LRH’s wife, the head of the Guardians office and many many more. Hubbard himself was hiding out in San Luis Obispo for years before his death, named as an unindited co-conspiritor by the American government. There is also a great picture of the former president of Scientology being hauled off in Spain in handcuffs. He skipped out on a million dollars bail. After many years of remands and diversions most of the witnesses had disappeared and he won his case. Big busts of Scientologist have occured all over the Western world.

    But several things keep key Scientologists on the streets. Among them are freedom of religion, America (unlike France) not having good legislation surrounding cults, Scientology’s willingness to incur huge legal expenses in defense of their organization, and the fact that most of the victims want to be victims.

    Have you ever noticed that Western nations don’t do well with Biker Gangs and Mafia style organized crime either? No one from the Hell’s Angels is saying, “If we’re so bad, why aren’t we in jail”. They know the answer. They stay one step ahead of the law. It does not make me proud to be an American.

    Incidently, recently a California newspaper compared the Scientologists to a biker gang over the case of their selling ostrich eggs to a crippled man for $35,000. A biker wrote in insulted that the newspaper would compare his group to Scientologists saying that no biker would ever sink so low. It was a very funny letter.

  29. Guitar Man, you obviously had a bad experience. I can’t honestly say that Scientology is for absolutely everybody. I don’t particularly like groups per se – regardless of who they are, because by nature I’m a non-conformist; but that didn’t stop me from handling what I wanted to handle that made my life a downer. Today it no longer is: That’s my story plain and simple. And my experience with Scientology members as a group? They’re the most law abiding people I’ve ever come across. A criminal is a BIG liability, and exposes the Church to attacks – he will not make gains in Scientology anyway – it’s completely antithetical to being a Scientologist. And an Ethics Officer would have such an individual removed depending on the seriousness of offense.
    I disagree with you that illegal activity is encouraged or condoned.

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