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attack of the 50ft evil dead Bruce Campbell week!

By decree of me, I declare this week Bruce Campbell Week all week here at FlickFilosopher.com. No, it’s not Bruce’s birthday (that was last month), and no, he has not wisely chosen to come live with me and be my love slave. So I guess there really isn’t all that much to celebrate, is there…? Oh, no, wait: I remember. Bruce is giving us two gifts this week: complete DVD collections of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and Jack of All Trades, both of which will be released tomorrow. It’s almost too much excitement for me to bear, and so I figured maybe I could let off some of that steam with long snarky rambling reviews of both sets, and maybe a Bruce bonus or two later in the week — there’s one new feature I’ve been meaning to inaugurate here for a while now, and since there’s a Bruce connection, this just might be the week to launch it. So stay tuned over the course of the week and see in how many different ways I can worship the geeky divinity that is Bruce Campbell.

Did I mention that I’ve been slavering all over my advance copy of the Brisco set for weeks now?

oh sweet object of desire…
(the dvds, I mean. not that I
don’t mean Bruce, too…)

In the meantime, here’s a Bruce tidbit for you. The title of Bruce’s tell-a-little-bit autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, suggests that the man may in fact have a hitlist of names if he would off… if only chins could kill. And shockingly, the crack journos at the BBC managed to elicit a frank and shocking answer to the question “If you could kill anyone with your chin (or at least wound them a bit), who would it be and why?”

Find the shocking answer here.

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  1. Brisco on DVD is definitely an event worthy of justifying a Bruce Campbell week. Jack of All Trades…. not so much.

  2. Brisco was one of my first crushes when I was growing up. After that I would always squeal when I saw “Brisco” in a movie or on TV. I actually wrote a paper in high school about how he was my hero.

  3. Yeah, JOAT ain’t great. But it’s got Bruce. And it’s no Man with the Screaming Brain, thank god.

  4. I’m actually more psyched about Jack of All Trades – got it coming in the mail, will hold off on Brisco for a while. I love the loopy ahistorical-historical-fiction angle of it….

  5. “Jack of All Trades”: featuring Bruce Campbell as a pirate…in the Caribbean. I have to admit it’s timely…

  6. Make sure you catch Bruce Campbell in “Terminal Invasion” on the Sci Fi Channel on 28 July at 3AM EST (technically it’s 29 July) and 31 August at 3AM EST (technically it’s 1 September). It kind of reminds me of “The Thing” plotwise, but this one is based in a small regional airport terminal in middle of a blizzard in Colorado. Chase Masterson (Leeta the dabo girl from Star Trek DS9) co-stars in this good made for TV sci fi dramatic thriller. I wish they would release this film on DVD someday.

  7. *Terminal Invasion* is pretty bad, actually, I think — what really makes it notable is that Bruce’s character borders on the truly villainous.

    *Tornado* — a *Twister* ripoff is coming up on Sci Fi, too: Monday the 31st at 11pm. It’s not great, but it’s got Bruce.

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