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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

weekend open thread

Feel free to talk about anything movie, TV, or DVD related. Ask me stuff, point out things you’d like me to cover, whatever.

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  1. Just a test. I’ve tried commenting three times and it’s never worked.

  2. How excited are you about Children of Men? It looks SciFi like Gattaca, not Independence Day. We need more stuff like that!!

    Oh yeah, and why no article in the IROSF in a couple of months?


  3. I sent you an e-mail earlier, but you might get the news earlier here.

    On November 28th, comes out “Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut”. This is basically a lot of us geeks have been waiting for for years. It even features unused footage of Marlon Brando opposite Christopher Reeve that was intended for II. And hopefully there will be less footage of Richard Lester’s “contribution” to the film–like that stupid scene where the people act silly when being blown away by the villians super breath.

    Also in November, two Leslie Neilsen classics: “Police Squad!: The Complete Series” (11/07) and “Forbidden Planet: 50th Anniversary Edition” (11/14).

  4. I’m pretty psyched for *Children of Men* — I loved the book, plus: Clive Owen.

    Why no IROSF in a couple of months? I’ve just been too busy — the deadline for the September issue coincided with the week I was at WorldCon, which didn’t leave much time for writing. I’m hoping to have a piece in the October issue.

    Supes and Leslie Nielsen: Yeah, I’d love to take a look at these. I should set up an Amazon Wish List so people could send me the DVDs they want me to review… :->

  5. I just want to chip in to say Children of Men is incredible – it’s out in Britain already, and it’s my film of the year thus far.

    Do yourself a favour, MaryAnn, and avoid all spoilers or discussions about it before you go in – it’s quite different from the book in a lot of places, so it’ll still surprise you. Give yourself a History of Violence-type experience again, because it’s a History of Violence-standard film.

  6. I know over at Geek Philosophy you didn’t do the Stargate Blogging this season, I was wondering if you are planning on doing any Dr. Who Blogging?

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