Best Student Council: 1: A New Home (review)

The best evidence for the proposition that the Japanese are the most alien humans on the planet is, I suspect, anime. Or am I the only Westerner who just doesn’t get it? Here we have what is ostensibly a comedy about a private girls’ school and its “best student council” that wants to evoke, I dunno, James Bond, maybe, with all the secret-agent-y subgroups the council mounts, like the Assault Squad and the Covert Squad, but the best it can manage to summon up is a contest in which the girls engage in a curry-off — that is, who can make the best curry rice? — to decide a budgetary matter. The bizarrity-cum-banality of these five episodes exceeds the capacity of my brain to assimilate. I’d carp on the title — is there more than one student council, and this is the “best” one, and in what kind of normal school is there more than one student council? — except that, for instance, the lyrics to the theme song indicate a peculiar cultural disconnect that goes far deeper: “With all your might, gather happiness on the jet plane that bursts from your dreams”? Oy vey. There are no extras on the disc, but your brain will be warped enough. [buy at Amazon]

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