Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes: Volume One (review)

Save this Cartoon Network series, which debuted last fall in the Saturday-night Toonami block and is now being dribbled out on DVD, for the kiddies: only unsophisticated fans of animation, comic books, and superheroes will be captivated by this tired trotting out of the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and, um, the other two mutated crime fighters that make up the titular team. Tedious battles with villains with names like Doctor Doom and Mole Man and recycled plots from far superior science fiction movies and superhero tales are the highlights, unfortunately. Four short episodes and no extras means the only possible audience of this throwaway disc are young’uns with no interest in storyboards, commentaries, and the other bonuses serious animation fans look. Not that there’d be anything to offer commentary on in the first place. [buy at Amazon]

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