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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

bias alert!: dreadin’ ‘Chuck and Larry,’ still lovin’ Richard Armitage, here comes the ‘Sunshine’

current obsession:
beating the summer blockbusters to a pulp
current boyfriend:
richard armitage in north and south
i’m psyched:
current enemy:
judd apatow, writer-director of knocked up
i’m dreading:
i now pronounce you chuck and larry

See, I really like that I moved the Bias Meter, er, Alert, whatever it is, to a blog posting, because now I can explain my choices.
Yes, of course I’m psyched for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but I’m on my way out to see that now, and I want to be honest about what I’m psyched and what I’m dreading. I can’t be psyched for (or dreading) something I’ve already seen, and it seems silly to put Harry up here now only to switch him out later tonight. Of course, if the movie’s really good, I could be psyched to see it again… stay tuned and find out.

And wait: you’re saying, Wasn’t I supposed to see Sunshine this week, too? Yup, if things had gone right, I would have seen it last night. But I got stuck on a subway, and then stuck in the chaos aboveground, yesterday when the power went out on the Upper East Side, and I missed the screening. Grrrr! And Danny Boyle was gonna be there doing a Q&A afterward. Double grrrr! So now I’m really, really psyched to see this.

And my imaginary love affair with Robin Hood’s Richard Armitage has intensified now that I’m watching his 2004 miniseries North and South. His John Thornton, mill owner in the North of England in the 1850s, is like Mr. Darcy, only Darcier. Yum. (I’ll probably review the series, because it really is extraordinary even if you’re not madly in love with Armitage, so stay tuned for that.)

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