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the BBC goes WB with ‘Robin Hood,’ ‘Hex’

Robin Hood: Season One

Looks like the BBC has gone WB.

I first checked out the British network’s new reincarnation of the medieval freedom fighter when the series called simply Robin Hood debuted on BBC America this spring… and I immediately checked out after that one episode. I have very fond memories of the 1980s British series Robin of Sherwood (also now on DVD and currently clogging up my Netflix queue), but I was determined not to let that interfere with my enjoyment of this new series. And that didn’t happen at all: it turns out that this new series, with its unwillingness to commit to either solemnity or silliness and its mostly inexperienced actors struggling with bad writing, is more than enough on its own to interfere with the enjoyment of it. Thanks to the wonder of DVD (the set releases June 5; buy it at Amazon), I’ve now seen way more than that one episode, and my initial reaction has only been confirmed and strengthened.
The familiar story of 12th-century nobleman Robin of Locksley returning from the Crusades to battle oppression and corruption in his home shire of Nottingham, England, now ruled with an iron fist by a villainous sheriff, spreads out over 13 episodes across five discs, and there’s very little fresh or exciting about it. Oh, attempts — and rather desperate, obvious ones at that — are made to inject some sparkle via the pretty, young cast, but Jonas Armstrong, as Robin, and Lucy Griffiths, as Marian, are better up to the task of looking good than at engendering much sympathy or even simply interest in their characters. Not much help is offered by the tedious scripts, which vacillate from trying to invoke contemporary concerns — the cartoonishly evil sheriff (Keith Allen: 24 Hour Party People) tells the fine folk of Nottingham that he is waging a “war on terror” against Robin — to chucking in anachronistic “jokes” and Matrix-style martial arts.

Better if the series had wholeheartedly embraced the full-on goofiness of a Xena than this strained mishmash… and oh, yeah, Robin needs to be less of a dreary prig if the show has any hope of being less than the featherweight nothing it is now. The only truly intriguing character is the sheriff’s lieutenant, Guy of Gisborne, who commits some truly heinous crimes yet actively desires redemption for them; Richard Armitage, who’s not the tender would-be WBer of his younger castmates, makes him a truly conflicted and thoroughly fascinating bad guy. But then, the bad guys always do have all the best lines, don’t they? (DVD extras include multiple featurettes on production design, audio commentaries by cast and crew on four episode, and more.)

Hex: The Complete First Season

I figured I’d be getting more of the same kind of adolescent nonsense from Hex. I mean, look: It’s a bunch of impossibly gorgeous 20something “teenagers” hanging out at a British boarding school and getting into trouble and into bed with one another. Oh, and there’s magic thrown in. I figured it’s gotta be Harry Potter if Aaron Spelling got his grubby hands on it. But I’m delighted to be wrong: this is more Carrie, with all of Stephen King’s dark appreciation for the secret powers of women, meeting Harry Potter with all of J.K. Rowling’s subversive grasp on the dangers of adolescence. Grim and shocking and thrillingly unpredictable — do NOT read the episode summaries in the DVD package, also out June 5 (buy at Amazon), if you don’t want the story spoiled for you — this is supernatural serial drama that’s intense and addictive and not quite like anything on American TV. (It aired here on BBC America, but it’s a production of the British network Sky One.)

Cassie (Christina Cole: What a Girl Wants) is a shy but talented student at Medenham, the posh boarding school that used to be the manor of, centuries earlier, a slaveholding lord and his crazy wife who was into the voodoo of the Negro servants. When Cassie finds some doodads left behind by the bewitched manor lady, she awakens her own magical powers just as — metaphor alert — her own sexuality is blossoming. Her “dyke in shining armor” roommate, Thelma (Jemima Rooper: The Black Dahlia), would like to help Cassie with that, but alas, Cassie, for all that she adores her best friend, swings the other way… like toward the demon Azazeal (Michael Fassbender: 300), who shows up and makes her life, ahem, a living hell.

Where events develop from that I’ll let you discover — there’s 13 episodes over three discs — and I can’t recommend enough that you do. As delicately realized as it is terrifying, Hex is a rich, subtle, enchanted tapestry. (DVD extras include a making-of documentary and deleted scenes, and though the show dates from only 2004, audio and video have been digitally remastered.)

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Robin Hood: Season One
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Hex: The Complete First Season
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  • Ide Cyan

    Hm. I love Hex, but season 1 only lasted five episodes. They must have released a good part of S2 (which actually did run for 13 episodes) along with season 1 to fit American season formats.

  • I have been reading hype on Amazon.com that makes “Hex” sound like the British answer to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I’m not sure it will live up to that hype but as long as it’s not the British answer to “Charmed” or “Point Pleasant,” I’m cool with that.

  • MaryAnn

    It’s very different from *Buffy,* but very worth seeing.

    Meanwhile, even though *Robin Hood* is terrible, I might have to make Richard Armitage my official Boyfriend, cuz he’s so hot and evil and all.

  • Katie

    Oh I adore Hex. Great review. It’s spot on.

  • LG

    If you like Richard Armitage, you should check him out in North & South (NOT the one with Patrick Swayze). It’s a period movie and he is sooo sexy in it!

  • David C

    Richard Armitage is making movies now? And you find him sexy, MaryAnn?

    Hmm… Well, I suppose by former Deputy Secretaries of State standards he’s not *bad* looking, and maybe has a bit of a Michael Chiklis thing going on, if you squint real hard….

    What? Oh. Never mind….

    I *still* haven’t figured out what the bass player for the Bangles was doing running for the U.S. Senate from Maryland last year….

  • MaryAnn
  • Cthulhu

    Hex was great – pity Sky axed it because no one ever watched it in the UK…

    Robin Hood was terrible – especially considering all the hype it had to begin with. I’m praying the Beeb don’t bother with a second series…but they probably will!

  • MaryAnn

    A second series of *Robin Hood* is currently shooting in Budapest. So yeah, there will be more.

  • Cthulhu

    Man – I knew my day wasn’t going to get any better!!!!

    I know this isn’t strictly speaking the same thing, but has anyone else heard that Dr Who isn’t going to run beyond a fifth series because of scheduling conflicts? Also, David Tennant is supposed to be leaving mid-way through the forthcoming fourth series???

  • Junec

    I agree that Richard Armitage is the only in-depth actor in this series. I also suggest, like your other contributor, that viewers try to see North 7 South – he made such an impact when this was shown in BBC UK that it caused the BBC message board to collapse! I would also suggest that they look at http://www.thearmitagearmy.co.uk which is the main stopping place for Richard’s fans.

  • maureen

    The only reason I’m still watching Robin Hood is for Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne. And yes, he is easily the best actor in the whole thing. I still am trying to figure out why Marian didn’t just go off with him. I thought Lucy and him had far more chemistry and she and Jonas ever did.

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