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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

bias alert!: psyched for ‘Bourne,’ dreadin’ ‘Bratz,’ still lovin’ Richard Armitage, waitin’ on Harry Potter

current obsession:
rewatching all my DVDs on my new widescreen HDTV and upconverting DVD player
current boyfriend:
richard armitage in north and south… yes, still
i’m psyched:
the bourne ultimatum
current enemy:
harry potter spoilers
i’m dreading:

I know I’m pathetic with this Richard Armitage thing, but there we are. Not only is he gorgeous, he’s a geek too. (I can’t find the link, but he has said he grew up a lonely kid who read a lot of Tolkien and stuff. I resemble that remark.) Could he be more perfect? I don’t think so.

I loved the first two Bourne movies, so why wouldn’t I be psyched for the next one? On the other hand, the Bratz dolls so terrify me that I still haven’t quite gotten my head around the fact that they made a movie out of them. *shudder*

I’ll be doing the Harry Potter thing at a bookstore at midnight tomorrow night — I may take pictures, I may blog my reading of the book at Geek Philosophy, but I will definitely be posting my reaction to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at GP as soon as I finish reading it, which I hope will be before Monday morning. I ain’t doin’ nuthin’ this weekend but reading…

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bias alert
  • I have to work this Saturday, unfortunately. Which I did not realize when I ordered my book. My girlfriend pre-ordered hers to pick up at midnight, but I decided I’d just order it on Amazon and have them deliver it, because I’m stupid. Now it’s going to come while I’m at work on Saturday (and Saturdays are slow, and I’d be able to get a bunch of reading done) and I’ll have lost a day of the weekend that I could have read it. And as you noted, the spoilers are already out there because of the book leaking online. I was spoiled for the last book in some stupid random spot online, and I really want to do my damnedest to avoid having the same happen for this one, and a big part of that is reading it as fast as I can after I get it. Bah! God, people suck with the spoiling!

  • MBI

    If there’s anything that could turn me into a sex-hating conservative Christian prude, Bratz is it. I want to some lead some fucking proteste at Toys ‘R Us ’cause of those horrifying little things.

  • MBI

    Oh man, I just saw the trailer for Bratz, that’s awful. The anti-popular kids movie for really popular kids; only really stupid 14-year-old girls (by which I mean, 14-year-old girls) could possibly like this movie.

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