‘Jericho’ reruns start Friday; maybe a lot more to come next fall?

The news about the resurrection of Jericho (which I wrote about previously here) just keeps getting better and better… maybe. One of the show’s executive producers, Carol Barbee, tells us not to assume that those seven episodes we’ll get next season will wrap up the story. “We are not closing this story out. We have a story to tell. It’s a really rich story, and we’ve got it mapped out for quite a while,” she told Broadcasting & Cable magazine, quoted at TV Squad). The New York Post has a bit more snagged from the B&C piece: Barbee says, “When CBS came back to us, they said, ‘We only have time and space on our sound stage for you to do a limited number of episodes.’ So we’ll do those with the intention that we’ll be back.”
Intentions are great, but there’s no guarantee, it seems, that Jericho will be back beyond those seven episodes. So we fans may end up with the worst of both scenarios: we’ll get more episodes but still be left hanging at the end of those.

Anyway, you can catch up with Jericho, if you missed what everyone was excited about last season. CBS will rerun the pilot tomorrow night, Friday July 6, at 9pm Eastern. The rest of the summer reruns will play out like this (via Starpulse): Next Friday, July 13, will see a recap look at first 11 episodes at 8pm, and then episode 13 at 9pm. Episodes 14 through 22 will air over the rest of the summer beyond that.

That’s a smart move, I think. The show didn’t hit its stride until the second half of the season anyway, so this seems like a good way to show newcomes what was so intriguing about the show.

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