more ‘Doctor Who’ on Sci Fi — hoorah!

Those reruns of Jericho? Oops: they’re up against the return of Doctor Who to the Sci Fi Channel this Friday night. The fact that Jericho was one of the shows most time-shifted or watched online — methods of viewing that aren’t captured by traditional ratings systems — apparently contributed to its initial cancellation, though it also accounted for its unlikely return. But if the same thing happens again — lots of folks catch these Friday-night Jericho reruns, but only online or on DVR because they’re catching up on Doctor Who… well, poor Jericho.
This new season of DW — which just finished airing in the U.K. — brings back David Tennant as the Doctor, and introduces Freema Agyeman as his new traveling companion, Martha Jones. I’m actually about halfway through the new season already, thanks to a secret source who slips me the episodes as they air in Britain. And though I never finished writing about the previous seasons of the new Who over at Geek Philosophy (I still intend to… eventually), I’ll jump right into talking about these new ones as they air here.

There’s a ton of Who tomorrow night: first up comes the Christmas special “The Runaway Bride” at 8pm Eastern, then the official debut episode of the new season, “Smith & Jones” at 9:30. From then on, it’s one new episode every Friday night at 9pm.

What’s in store? What I’ve seen so far has its ups and downs — mostly ups, but the one big down is surprising. Still: it’s Doctor Who. I’m totally obsessed and hooked yet again.

I’ll have a lot to say over the summer. Stay tuned.

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Thu, Jul 05, 2007 6:03pm

I can see why you think the first half of the season has its ups and downs, but the second half has the best Doctor Who story of the three year run (I am not going to qualify this with “IMHO”, this is an unquestionable fact as much as these things can be), many say the best Doctor Who story ever. And another 4 episodes as good as the best in the last two series. Also as bonkers, unpredictable and imaginative as you can think. So the mid season blip looks like a very distant memory from where I sit (being rather annoyed there is no more Doctor Who till Christmas). But I look forward to your reviews.