The Henry Rollins Show: Season One (review)

This is what talk shows should look and sound like: no holds barred and no bullshit. Punk Renaissance man Henry Rollins — musician, poet, activist, actor — talks politics, movies, and music with a roster of guests who let loose like you’ve never witnessed before, even if you’ve seen them making the usual late-night PR rounds. Here are all 20 episodes from the 2006 debut season on cable network IFC, organized so that you can zero in on a particular chat guest — filmmakers Oliver Stone and Werner Herzog; comics Eddie Izzard and Bill Maher; actors John C. Reilly and Jeff Bridges; and more — or musical guest — including Sleater-Kinney, Ben Folds, Aimee Mann, Daniel Johnston, and others. Via the DVD menus, you can even pick and choose episodes based on what kind of nonsense Rollins is ranting over (corporate irresponsibility, gas-thirsty SUVs, and so on). This is alternative TV with a true alt attitude, and Rollins is refreshingly unafraid to be controversial, to be angry, to be resolutely himself. (No extras.) [buy at Amazon]

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