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‘Family Guy’ does ‘Star Wars’: a Gen X perfect storm?

I shoulda been doing my latest Torchwood blogging all day, and I kept distracting myself with the tedium of laundry and mundane crap like that, and then I shoulda been doing my Torchwood blogging all evening, except I decided I needed to watch the season premieres of The Simpsons — nice to see them keeping continuity with the movie — and King of the Hill. And then I had to watch the Family Guy Star Wars thing, because even though I can’t stand Family Guy, it was Star Wars, and I’m a dork.

And then, once they’d made the hilarious Doctor Who reference — which of course I’d so totally thought years earlier — I couldn’t turn it off.

All I really have to say about the Family Guy Star Wars thing is this: My little brothers and I used to do the exact same thing when we were kids, retell one another the story of Star Wars and throw in snarky little asides along the way, so we were way ahead of Family Guy on that. And this: Someday in the not too distant future, self-referential Generation X pop culture is going to finally collapse into a snarky singularity — call it a snarkularity — and all of time and space will end with a collective in-joke.

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  • misterb

    You may have noticed at the end of Family Guy Star Wars, the dad and the teenage son had an argument over which other cartoon show had done Star Wars first. While we were watching that, my teenage son and I argued over whether or not we had a similar argument when we made fun of Star Wars. The snarkularity approaches!

  • What was even funnier about that final conversation about Robot Chicken is that Seth Green, who voices Chris, is also the creator and producer of Robot Chicken… so, basically he was plugging his own show on another show.

    Non-Family Guy characters I saw in the cantina scene:

    Roger, the alien from American Dad (another Seth McFarlane show)
    Coach McGuirk, the soccer coach from Home Movies
    Bender, from (where else?) Futurama

    The Evil Monkey was back there, too.

  • OMGImAComicFanboyLOL

    I was planning on watching the Family Guy thing, but totally forgot.

    I’m curious to know if the mocking was done with fondness, as in Robot Chicken(Star Wars) and Galaxy Quest(Star Trek).

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