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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

‘Heroes’ returns!

Is it just me, or was there maybe too much stuff jammed into the Season 2 debut of Heroes (kinda like there’s way too much stuff jammed onto NBC’s official Heroes Web site)? I feel a little dizzy, and a wee bit like I’m afraid there’s gonna be a lot of cheating going on with the continuing story.

Still, after doing some thumb-twiddling during Monday night’s episode, I perked up finally when it turned out that Suresh and Mr. Bennett were in cahoots.

Okay, so, a few obvious-as-hell predictions:

• Claire and Mr. Bennett won’t last long doing their impersonations of the Incredibles.

• Hiro’s gonna pull a Dread Pirate Roberts and become the new Takezo Kensei.

• The hooded guy who, ahem, confronts Mr. Sulu is someone we already know. I’m guessing it’s Badass Future Ando. Hey, Hiro got to be badass and future, so why not Ando?

What do you think we’re in for?

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