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Rick & Steve: The Complete First Season (review)

They’re the “happiest gay couple in all the world,” and they look like Lego people. This animated sitcom, from the cable network Logo — which caters to a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender audience — looks like a kiddie program from PBS, and despite the warning right on the slipcase that the show is “not for children” and the advisory that precedes each of the six episodes that this is intended only for “emotionally and legally mature adults,” there’s not much terribly sophisticated about it. Oh, there’s such nonsense as the phrase “leapin’ labias” tossed about as an exclamation and a plot arcing across the season that revolves around Rick’s fathering of a child for his lesbian friend Kirsten, but that’s mere window dressing. The attempts at humor are obvious, simplistic, and riddled with stereotypes — “dykes” hate men, gays are obsessed with physical appearance, and so on and so, tediously, on. If it’s supposed to be satire, it misses the mark, wildly. Among the bonus material is two making-of featurettes, cast interviews, and “more gay crap.”

MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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  • Pedro

    “Dykes” DO hate men. Look at hi5. Gorgeous women in corsets and invariably the phrase “PLEASE NO MEN” next to their explicit e-mail adress.

  • MaryAnn

    I think you’re confusing “not sexually attracted to” with “hate.”

  • I think he might be trying to contrast “lesbian” with “dyke,” like Chris Rock famously did with “black person” and “nigger.” I have no idea what “hi5” is, though, and while google might enlighten me, I’m kind of afraid to find out.

  • pedro

    hi5 is a social network like myspace. decent people use it to show pictures of themselves and stuff. weirdo people use it to try and get laid.

    and dykes use it to show that they hate men. apparently.

  • MaryAnn

    In what way do “dykes” use this social network to “show” that they “hate men”?

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