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banner ads appear on TV; just one sign of the new suckitude of ‘Heroes’

TV advertising just keeps getting more and more intrusive. We’ve learned to put up with bugs in the corner of the screen, bugs that dance across the screen, and now, last night on Heroes, was the first example I’ve seen of what looks a helluva lot like a Web banner ad:

The damn thing is taking up at least a third of the bottom of the screen. At least it — or, worse, rotating banners — wasn’t there for the whole episode.

Look, I understand that the networks are terrified of all us viewers who are TiVoing and watching online and generally no longer getting our Recommended Daily Allowance of advertising, but if those networks want us to learn to put up with this kind of crap, they sure as hell had better make shows we want to watch. Cuz last night’s Heroes sucked. (My recap is up at Film.com.) If the coming attractions for next week’s episode didn’t make it look like finally the real story is gonna start, I might be tempted to give it up altogether.

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