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maryann johanson, ruining movies since 1997

bias alert!: still enthralled by ‘Doctor Who,’ psyched for the new Coen Brothers, dreadin’ the new Robert Zemeckis, more

current obsession:
doctor who
current boyfriend:
david tennant’s doctor
i’m psyched:
no country for old men
current enemy:
ben stiller, for whoring himself out again as the heartbreak kid
i’m dreading:

I thought Torchwood would take over the chore of keeping me completely infatuated once Doctor Who ended (till Christmas… only till Christmas), but that doesn’t seem to be happening. It’s all very pathetic.

No Country for Old Men is, of course, the newest film from the Coen Brothers, who are totally worshippable, so I fully expect this movie to be amazing. And I’ve been dreading Beowulf since I wrote about it a while back and discovered exactly what kind of movie it’s gonna be: another of Robert Zemeckis’s terrifying plasticine CGI monstrosities. *shudder*

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