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‘Heroes’ recapping…

My weekly recap of the latest episode of Heroes is over at Film.com

Comment here, if you like.

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  • Joey

    I never thought Nakamura Kaito was really a bad guy, just that he had done some bad things, maybe to protect Hiro, in the past…

    And as for Mohinder, I’m guessing he’s not so much brainwashed as he is panicked about the new strain of the Shanti virus to the point where he’s willing to do anything at all to stop it.

    “Never in the history of television has one show gotten so much mileage out of one brief clip.”

    You’ve obviously never seen Gundam Seed Destiny. ;D

  • Mike Brady

    Truly a great episode. Last season we saw how a crisis could make heroes out of average people (or at least average super-humans). This season seems to be showing us how a crisis can also cause people to cross moral lines, to do wrong things for right reasons.

    I didn’t really want Matt to take the information from Angela, to take Victoria’s secret (heehee). But a little part of me did – after all, it’s for her protection, right? Right? Machiavelli would be proud.

    They’re touting the next episodes as “the last 2 episodes”, though. They did that for last season’s hiatus, and I take solace in that. Still, with all this talk of the ending of this half-season being reworked to serve as a season finale I can’t help but be nervous. It would be a sad, sad thing to cut this season short just as it’s really getting good. I’d rather wait a year for Big Media to get their act together than to see a good story cut off at the knees.

    Last: Noah Bennett is alive (w00t). So whose ashes is Claire spreading in the teaser trailer?

  • Curious to read

  • MaryAnn

    *Heroes* and every other scripted show was going to be taking a forced break anyway, thanks to the writers’ strike. At least this show seems to have planned for that possibility while the writers were still at work.

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