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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

Squidbillies: Volume One (review)

The guys who created Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Space Ghost Coast to Coast joined forces to create this entry for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim that asks the daring question: Is hillbilly humor funnier when it’s tentacle-waving squids being crass and stupid? The answer is, sadly, no. The rough and scraggy animation is refreshingly distinctive, but the humor tends toward the obvious: cars wrapped around trees, proud ignorance, ethnic bashing, big hair, the pitfalls of homeschooling, and so on. Adult Swim devotees, typically teenaged boys of all ages, apparently think it’s the funniest thing in the late-night bonger block, but it’s one long overbaked “you might be a redneck squid if…” joke. These two discs include all 20 episodes from 2005 and 2006 — basically, everything that’s aired up till now — plus six never-before-seen pilot episodes, an anime talk show, deleted scenes, making-of material, and more. [buy at Amazon]

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MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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