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Fri, Nov 30, 2007 5:12pm

Unfortunately, I found his script online, and it’s really, really bad. I mean, “Batman and Robin” bad.

Funny story, though.

Ide Cyan
Ide Cyan
Sat, Dec 01, 2007 3:31am

Were there giant spiders and polar bears in it?

Sat, Dec 01, 2007 12:33pm

There were polar bears. And a spunky robot sidekick for Brainiac. He called the spider a Snarebeast. Minimal flying, although he did wear the suit.

It was pretty bad, yeah, but as somebody who has worked in a producer’s office and worked with writers, it’s really a lot better than you’d expect after two drafts. The most heinous cheese was pretty clearly the producer’s fault.

He was also a little too credulous with the source material. Honestly, most of the DC comics canon is utter garbage. He was looking for fresh elements of the Superman books to bring into the movie, but most of it just pass the laugh test- which is why the Superman revival that actually got made went back to good old Luthor and Kryptonite.

He actually did quite a good job of humanizing Superman with a “Lois won’t marry me because I can never 100% be there for her oh man what should I do” story arc, and that is always a challenge with Superman stories on account of the fact that he is, you know, a god.

Like Hemingway said: the first draft of anything is shit. If your producer is John Peters, you can bet the second draft will be, too. Things don’t usually start looking good until a few dozen drafts in. Don’t be too hard on the dude.