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watch it: the public service announcement American broadcasters don’t want you to see

Have you ever seen this on American TV? Cuz I haven’t (and here’s why)…

Via The Largest Minority. See StopLandmines.org for more info.

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  • Ryan H

    That may be the most brutal spot I have ever seen. I can see why they are having trouble selling it to networks. Really fantastic though. Thanks for the clip.

  • Signal30


    The thing damned is? Part of the audience (if exposed to it) would think that it’s about teh terrorists planting landmines in our schoolyards.

  • “…the allotment of time offered to public service messages has plummeted since the federal government dropped it as a licensing requirement in 1985.”

    our corporate overlords are making sure we aren’t exposed to any ideas of any kind… i wonder if Haliburton makes landmines? somehow, i’m sure they do.

  • bitchen frizzy

    I doubt the networks give a damn what ideas you get exposed to, unless they inspire you to watch less television.

    Its all business.

  • MBI

    Personally, I just don’t find it that effective, although I already knew what it was about so that may have effected my rating. I think it’s ham-handed and, by necessity, it’s not allowed to be that graphic either. Compare it to this little clip from Canada (http://www.bestweekever.tv/2007/11/28/the-most-terrifying-canadian-psa-of-all-time/) for something far more effective, although I really have to wonder if the cause they’re going for is important enough to warrant such a horrifying PSA.

    The article notes that it’s too long for most networks’ formats, and I think that shortening it would at least make it a better ad. Of course, it’s obvious why it’s never going to air — so many Americans are fucking pansies who would bitch and complain about seeing such an ad. Some people just don’t want to be provoked or made to think about any damn thing.

  • Hdj

    I’m a bad man, I laughed, lol its just so F’d up, it’s like a scene out of a troma movie.I meen why a soccer field? That mine would have triggered right away. These mines from around the world are from care less guerillas.
    Plus we can’t have a commercial of a bomb going off every 3 hours.

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