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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

new on DVD: ‘The Invasion,’ ‘Daddy Day Camp,’ ‘Trade’

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The Invasion [buy it]. From my review:

“I’m so afraid I’m gonna fall asleep,” Nicole Kidman says at one point during The Invasion, which was just about the only spooky or eerie moment I encountered in this third — and entirely unnecessary — screen mounting of Jack Finney’s classic science fiction novel Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It was as if she were reading my mind, for I was thinking at that exact moment, “I think this movie is gonna put me to sleep.” Weird, huh?

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Daddy Day Camp [buy it]. From my review:

An excruiciating stew of kindergarten-level toilet humor and absurd (and false) sentimentality, this utterly unnecessary sequel to the 2003 movie about men attempting — and failing — to behave in anything approaching a parental manner will drive audiences of all ages and inclinations to gouge their eyes out.

Trade [buy it]. Oh, dear. It’s a movie about trafficking of children for sex that feels the need to remind us, through constant sentimental asides, that this is a Bad Thing. Cuz how would we know otherwise?

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