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‘Torchwood’ not-blogging: Season 2 debuts!

I’m not gonna get into the kind of depth I usually do — I’ll do that in a couple of weeks, after I finish up blogging Season 1. So no spoilers here. But I gotta tell ya: I had a sneak peek at “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” — yes, that’s the title of the Season 2 premiere — and this is what we’ve been waiting for with Torchwood. Sure, Season 1 was fine, for all its ups and downs, but you could feel the writers and the cast still searching for their groove, and finding it only occasionally. But “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” hits that groove effortlessly, like they’d been here all along. The episode starts off with, well, a bang of humor and smarts and snark — including some clever ideas about what parts of Earth culture are likely to draw aliens for a visit, and just how big (or little) a secret Torchwood is anymore — and doesn’t stop through a whole ton of geeky self-reference and hot sci-fi sex appeal. If the rest of the season can keep this up, we’re all gonna be real happy.

Oh, and yeah, there’s this. It’s hard to imagine that any Torchwood and/or Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan hasn’t already heard this, but in case you haven’t, here it is: James Marsters, aka Buffy’s Spike, shows up in this episode as an old colleague — and old flame — of Jack’s. I won’t say more than that, except to assure you that, yes, the “Kiss Kiss” part of the title is a promise that will not go unfulfilled. And it sure seems like he’ll be returning in future episodes, too.

Season 2 of Torchwood begins tomorrow night (January 26) at 9pm Eastern on BBC America (it aired last week on the BBC).

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  • Ryan H

    And personally, episode 2 is even better. I’m glad that they have gotten 2 seasons to find their feet. If this was on Fox, it would have been cut halfway through the first.

  • JSW

    Is Marsters still faking a British accent?

    (And to those pedants out there: Yes, there is such a thing as a British accent. As a matter of fact, there are several.)

  • I had serious qualms about the first series but, after being blown away by episode 2.2 this week, I do believe the show is finding its feet.

  • Ryan H

    Yeah, so glad I watch the British version. I hate to think what they cut for American TV.

  • Barb Gorczyca

    I’ll stick with the Brit version as well. I don’t even want to see want the American/butchered cut looks like. The verdict is still out out after seeing the first two eppies thou. I guess my judging standards have been risen more on this show than any other.

  • MaryAnn

    I watched the British cut, and I will watch (and blog about) the British cuts of upcoming episodes.

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